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Workers Memorial

The History Of American Workers Is By No Means Completed.
As Long As The Nation Exists Working People Will Be As They Have Always Been A Source Of Its Strength And Its Pride.

The American Worker Will Continue To Grow With The Nation.

Thanks To The Brothers And Sisters Such As These Who
Dedicated Themselves Working And Striving For A Better Tomorrow. 
Though They Are Gone. They Are Not Forgotten.

Joe Adkins

Jim Advey

Shirley Alexander

Charles Allen

Dana Allen

Mike Anderson

Fred Arnold

Robert "Worm" Ashley

Mark Ayers

James Baranuk

Leroy Baxter

Ida Norene Bell

Ed Berry

A G Blackman

Kathy Bohanan

Danny Boone

Jimmy Brandon

Ken Braswell

Wayne Bridges

Paul Brown

John Bryant

Tom Bryant

Paul Buck

James Bucy

Larry Buford

Willie Buford

Wayne Burns

Paul Byrns

James Caldwell

Jimmy Cantrell

Charles Cantrell

Tony Carpenter

Archie Carver

Elvis Case

Phiou Chanthaloth

Donnie Chick

Barry Clark

Ray Clark

Joseph W. Cooper

Faye Corbitt

James Cox

James Crouse

Ernest Crowder

Kenneth Crutcher

Sam Dallas

Raymond Dayvolt

Ray Desmarius

Wayne Dotson

Ronald Dutton

Dorris Dye

Floyd Eady

Bobby Eakes

Jim Eanes

Mary Brooks Eidson

Roger Elkins

Booker T. Ellis

Helen Ferrell

Thomas Fetters

E. V. Fisher

Donnie Fitch

Max Flemming

Beverly Ann Fowler

Roy Gannon

Andrew Garrett

Leonard Gentry

Paul Gilbert

Curtis Gordon

Billy Granstaff

Thomas Graves

Leo Green

David Griesinger

Jake Halfacre

Brady Halliburton

Charles Hambrick

Wallace Hamlett

Marvin Harris

Gene Harris

Bill Harvey

William Hassell

Ricky Hassell

David Hatcher

Ron Henderson

Richard Henderson

Richard Henderson

Billy Hibdon

Ron Holder

Carl Holmes

Ephriam Hoover

Jack Hopkins

William Houser

Cliff Howard

David Hunt

John Hynek

Harold Jacobus

Bobby Jennings

Earnestine Jewell

Raybon Johnson

Tom Jones

J T Jones

L C Judd

Ronald King

Sid Kinsinger

John Knight

Robert Koudelka

Art Lawson

M. L. Lemons

Bob Leonard

Eugene Leonardi

James Lile

James Limbaugh

Ray Logue

Donnie Lovell

Carl Magnesen

Victor Mahaffey

Vicky Markum

Wallace Martin

James McPheron

James McPherson

Johnny Mercer

George Merrell Jr.

John Meyer

John W Millican

Windle Moon

Robert "Big Moe" Moore

Hugh Moss

Angela Murray

Barry Nafe

Jessie Odom

Rita Osborne

Al Overstreet

AL Overstreet

Joe Pennington

Ludwald Perry

Dean Petty

Kenny "Buck" Phillips

Allen Phillips

Ed Pitts

Billy Porter

Mike Potts

David Powers

Doug Pratt

Clyde Priddy

Thomas Pride

Nathaniel Pride

Duane Ragland

Glen Rauschenberger

Roger Ray

Charles Reasonover

Judy Reed

Bill Reeder

Don Reeder

Leonard Reeves

Lewis Richardson

Larry Rigsby

T. J. Rigsby

Laura Ritter

Charles Robinson

Charles "Luke" Rooker

Gladys Rorbetson

Pete Russell

Wayne Russell

William Sanford

Fred Scheibel

Granville Seiner

Leonard Shannon

Patricia Sherrill

Dallas Sircy

Carl Sissom

Andrew Smith

Larry Smith

Len Solomon

Richard Sparks

Bill Speight

Robert Spencer

Stanley Springer

Donald Steading

Louis Stephenson

Norman Stunich

Tom Sweeney

Ronnie Joe Taylor

Abner Taylor

Arthur Taylor

Annie Taylor

Charles Thaxton

Arnold Thielke

Billy Thompson

Kerry Thompson

Duncan "Doc" Ullom

Roy Underwood

Thurman Van Winkle

Beacher Vance

Claude Vaughn

Jack Wade

Carl Walker

Ralph Waller

Bill Watson

Glen Weatherford

Tom Webb

Clarence "Bubba" Wheeler Sr.

Ray Wierbowski

Rene Wilemin

Stephen Wilkerson

Phillip Winfrey

Mildred Winfrey

David Winnett

Clarence Woodruff

Giles Woods

Arnold Wright

Tommy Wright

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