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Maintenance News

Fellow employees;

I would like to first welcome back our brothers that have out on A&S, Brother Charles Craig and Tim Brown have recently returned to work and we are pleased to say they are doing great. Still out brother Don Steading has been under doctor care from 12/20/2010 to this date and we want to wish for him a sound recovery. I think brother Ron Lee is the most recent of our layoffs to return, welcome back.

The company has reported that our groups, the maintenance workers, are the smallest department and have the largest recordable accident rate. Fellows please use caution and ask for help if needed, the company frowns big time on the employee who gets hurt even if he or she may be trying to save costly time! If you should notice a potential hazard report that to Brother Ronnie Wayne Crawford, he is interested in correcting the problem so nobody blames the injured.

I would like to personally congratulate Brother Tim Brown and his wife on the expectation of their first child.

As you know some of our members have elected to retire early, to all of those who do we wish you good fortune. If I overlooked anyone please accept my apology.


Randy Andrews

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